CPE Training – Half Day




CPE Training – Half Day – $499

Saturday Special: $300


Movement in the classroom to increase student success!

Try BRAIN Power Activity Based Lessons and you will see more active BRAINs, more motivated students, and higher academic gains. Activities can be implemented into any classroom quickly. “Brain Power: Brain Energizers” book is available and includes ELL strategies, multiple intelligence and differentiated instruction.  This book provides data which supports the effects of BRAIN Energizers to increase scores in academic areas.

Bridging the Gap: Administrators/Teachers/Paraprofessionals

CCO is the formula for bridging the gap between administrators, teachers, and paraprofessionals. Communication, Collaboration and Organization are the key ingredients for us to understand our roles in the educational setting.  Overcoming hard feelings, misunderstandings, role clarifications, boundaries and respect will be introduced through an energizing and exciting presentation.

Building Relationships is the Key = “Take the Time”

This particular workshop is designed to establish and reinforce relationships to improve team performance. Participants will be actively engaged in activities for establishing successful teams, overcoming barriers for effective team building, and foster healthy team growth. This workshop includes communication and active listening techniques to develop successful strategies to build strong relationships on your campus.

Meeting the Needs of Struggling Students:

Do you have students in your class that are difficult to motivate and struggling with the curriculum?  Brain Power Today provides strategies and ideas to motivate and reach those students who struggle with academics, behavior, and self-esteem.  Modifying, accommodating and building relationships are the keys to success.