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Ishmael Muhammad is a native Houstonian and national presenter for Brain Power Today.   Ishmael holds degrees in Communications and Psychology from Texas A & M University in Kingsville.  Along with being a national presenter for Brain Power Today, Ishmael is a coach, mentor, and a certified Special  Education Teacher in  Texas.  His words are carefully considered and very powerful.

Brain Power Today’s philosophy, passion, and vision is about building relationships through proper communication.  In our busy lives  we must “Take the Time” to  build  relationships with the people we meet, and those already in our lives.  As Brain Power Today travels and presents all over the nation, we have come to realize various concerns exhibited by our audiences. These concerns include the need for learning how to communicate in a more productive manner, and how to look for or develop new teaching strategies that truly do make a difference in life.

Throughout this book you will find quotes that are power packed with meaning , and you will learn activities that will have you thinking twice about how you speak to others.  The book “Take the Time” includes many activities that the Brain Power Today team has used and found to be very successful.

Gail Ward is the founder and creator of Brain Power Today. Gail holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and Master’s Degree in Education.  She has several teaching certifications including Health, Physical Education, ESL, Special Education, Self-Contained and Principal.  She has a passion and drive in her that is unstoppable as she strives to make a difference.



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Take the Time

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